Voting Now Open for the 2023 Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) Awards

Voting is now open for the 2023 Australian Film Critics Association (AFCA) Awards.

The ceremony will be held on 23 March 2024 at The Backlot Melbourne.

Use the below form to submit your nominations for the awards categories (see here for details).

As a guide for the Australian film categories, please view the attached Letterboxd lists which provide a guide for feature films and documentaries released in Australia in 2023.

For International films (English, Not in the English Language, Documentary), please ensure that they fall under the release dates for the Australian calendar year.1

We are also accepting submissions to the AFCA Writing and Broadcast Awards. For those who are submitting writing, please remove your name from the submission and submit it as a word or pdf document in the last page of the below form.

If you are submitting a radio show or podcast for consideration, please provide a link to your submission. Entries must be no longer than 40 minutes.

Submissions and nominations close at midnight EST 7 March 2024. Film nominations will be announced on 9 March 2024 with voting to open to members on the same day.

If you have any queries regarding the awards or nominations, please use the contact form here.

  1. Note, this means that films like Tar and Aftersun are considered 2023 releases, while films like Next Goal Wins are a 2024 release. ↩︎