Theatrical Release Schedule

Below is list of the upcoming theatrical releases within Australia.

The list is updated monthly. If you have a film that is scheduled to have a theatrical or festival release in Australia and wish to have it included in this list, please reach out to AFCA via the contact page.


20 June

Despicable Me 4

27 June

A Quiet Place: Day One
The Mountain (Madman)

4 July

The Bikeriders
Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1 (Madman)

11 July

Kinds of Kindness

25 July

Deadpool & Wolverine

1 August

The President’s Wife (Madman)

15 August

Alien: Romulus
Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 2

22 August

Blink Twice
Sweet Dreams

29 August

The Lion King (30th Anniversary Re-Release) (Disney)
Kneecap (Madman)

5 September

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

12 September

Speak No Evil
Kid Snow (Madman)

19 September

The Wild Robot
Transformers One
The Substance (Madman)

26 September

My Old Ass

3 October

Joker: Folie a Deux

10 October

Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story

17 October

Smile 2
Memoir of a Snail (Madman)

7 November

The Pool (Madman)

14 November

Gladiator II
Red One

28 November

Moana 2
Wicked Part One

5 December

Piece By Piece

12 December

Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim

19 December

Mufasa: The Lion King

26 December

A Real Pain
Sonic the Hedgehog 3


1 January


9 January

Dog Man

16 January

Wolf Man

30 January

Untitled Warner Bros. Event Film
Mickey 17

6 February

With Love

13 February

Captain America: Brave New World
Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy

27 February

The Last Breath

6 March

Untitled Ryan Coogler Event Film

13 March


20 March

Alto Knights
Snow White

27 March

The Woman in the Yard

3 April


10 April


17 April

Untitled Warner Bros. Event Film

15 May

Flowervale Street

22 May

Mission Impossible 8

29 May

Untitled New Line Event Film

12 June

How to Train Your Dragon

19 June

Untitled New Line Event Film

26 June

M3gan 2.0

3 July

Untitled Trey Parker / Matt Stone / Kendrick Lamar / Dave Free Film
Jurassic World Event Film

10 July

Superman: Legacy

17 July

Untitled Naked Gun

31 July

Untitled Warner Bros. Event Film

7 August

Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Event Film

4 September

Untitled New Line Horror Event Film

18 September

The Bad Guys 2

25 September

Gabby’s Dollhouse: The Movie

2 October

The Bride!

16 October

The Black Phone 2

23 October

Mortal Kombat 2

20 November

Untitled New Line Event Film

27 November

Wicked Part 2

4 December

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

18 December

Untitled New Line Event Film

26 December

The Spongebob Movie: Search for Squarepants