Bradley J. Dixon

Bradley J. Dixon is a writer, film critic, and early-career researcher in media and cinema studies, with a particular interest in comedy, persona, performance, genre, and Australian cinema.

Social Media: @bradleyjdixon – Twitter

Alaisdair Leith

Alaisdair loves movies and talking about them. A writer and editor for Novastream Network and broadcaster on JoyFM.

Find Alaisdair’s work at Novastream Network & TheAUReview

Social Media: @alaisdair – Twitter; Alaisdair – Letterboxd

Digby Houghton

Digby has an interest in cinema which centres itself on the parameters of expectation and delivery. He is an avid follower of Australian cinema and culture and enjoys connecting the wider context of a film to its meaning.

Find Digby’s work at Animus Magazine & KinoTopia

Social Media: @HoughtonDigby – Twitter

Grant Watson

Grant Watson is a film critic  based in Melbourne, Australia, with a particular interest in North Asian cinema. He is a two-time winner of the William Atheling Jr Award for Science Fiction Criticism and Review. While most of his work appears at FictionMachine he has also written for SBS, FilmInk, and VCinema. In 2018 he served on the Fipresci Jury at the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival.

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Tia Talge

Tia has a writer and e-Commerce specialist from Melbourne with a BA in Creative Writing (Screenwriting) from RMIT University. Tia has been a full-time writer for Lilithia Reviews since 2019 and enjoys being a couch potato with her dog, Harry.

Find Tia’s work at Lilithia

Social Media: @Tiabarrrbara – Twitter; @Tiabarrrbara – Instagram

Silvi Vann-Wall

Silvi Vann-Wall is a journalist, podcaster, award winning-writer and audio producer from Melbourne. They currently write for ScreenHub as their Film Content Lead.In 2023 they mentored six emerging film critics as part of the Melbourne Women in Film Festival.

Find Silvi’s work at Screenhub

Social Media: @SilviReports – Twitter; SilviV – Letterboxd

Jake Wilson

Jake Wilson is a film reviewer for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, a freelance writer, and the author of Mad Dog Morgan (Currency Press, 2015).

Find Jake’s work at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald

Chris Thompson

Find Chris’ work at Vision Australia Radio

Greg King

Greg King has had a life long love of films. He has been reviewing popular films for over 15 years. In 1995, he began reviewing films for BEAT magazine. His reviews have also appeared in the Herald Sun, S-Press, Stage Whispers, and a number of other magazines, newspapers and web sites. Greg currently hosts Movies At Dusk on 3WBC 94.1FM ever Sunday night between 7-9pm. He contributes to The Blurb and First On Film on J AIR 88FM.

Find Greg’s work on Movies At Dusk Sundays 7-9pm 3WBC 94.1FM and

Kenta McGrath

Kenta McGrath is a Japanese-Australian writer and filmmaker who has contributed criticism to Alphaville, The Big Issue, British Film Institute, The Conversation, Metro, ScreenHub, Senses of Cinema, 4:3 and several edited collections. He teaches Screen Arts at Curtin University, from where he holds a PhD, and has worked as a translator, as an interpreter and as a presenter for the Japanese Film Festival in Perth.

Find Kenta’s work at Metro Magazine and

Social Media: @k_mcgrott – Twitter

Gabrielle O’Brien

Gabrielle has always had an unhealthy obsession with cinema. When she is not watching it, she’s either writing about it, talking about it or thinking about it. She has a Masters degree in film studies from Kingston University, London. Her writing regularly appears in Metro, Screen Education and Media Magazine (UK). She has also contributed to a wide range of other publications including Senses of Cinema and Little White Lies. She lives in Melbourne.

Find Gabrielle’s work at Senses of Cinema, Metro Magazine, and Little White Lies

Karl Quinn

Find Karl’s work at The Age and ABC

Cynthia Karena

Watching midnight movies as a child led Cynthia to a lifelong love of movies. She only ever got out of bed during the school holidays to watch the midday movie. Has been writing film reviews and interviewing filmmakers for different outlets – community and professional – since her high school newspaper.

Find Cynthia’s work at 3CR

Cerise Howard

Cerise Howard is a widely published New Zealand-born critic and co-curator of the Melbourne Cinémathèque who co-founded the Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia and was its Artistic Director from 2013-2018.

A co-founder also of tilde: Melbourne’s Trans & Gender Diverse Film Festival, she is an oft called-upon commentator on intersections of screen media, gender, sexuality and other matters. She is a regular broadcaster on 3RRR and has been a member of the International Jury Board of the East-West: Golden Arch Awards for its three editions to date. She is a Studio Leader at RMIT University, specialising in incubating film festivals and creatively contesting the canon.

Away from film, she plays bass for The HOMOsapiens, a Melbourne-based punk, performance art, queer rock band.

Find Cerise at Triple RRR, Senses of Cinema, and Alliance of Women Film Journalists.

Social Media: @cerisehoward – Twitter

Adrian Danks

Adrian is Associate Professor, Cinema Studies and Media, in the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. He is also co-curator of the Melbourne Cinémathèque, was an editor of Senses of Cinema from 2000 to 2014, and is the author or co-author of the following books: A Companion to Robert Altman (2015); American-Australian Cinema (2018); and Australian International Pictures, 1946-1975.

Adrian’s work can be found at Senses of Cinema, The Conversation, and Metro Magazine.

Emma Westwood

Emma Westwood is an author and broadcaster on cinema who has written a compendium book on Monster Movies, a monograph on David Cronenberg’s The Fly, co-written a monograph on John Frankenheimer’s Seconds and edited a book of essays on James Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein. She was a former co-host on Triple R’s Plato’s Cave film criticism show and podcast, and is now an occasional guest on the show’s new iteration as Primal Screen.

Find Emma’s work at Triple R, Diabolique Magazine, and

Social Media: @EmmaJWestwood – Twitter

Stu Cachia

Stu is an AFCA accredited journalist. He likes movies, anime, and cats. He currently works in education and care, which he says is a lot of fun — just as much fun as watching movies, anime, and playing with cats.

Find Stu’s work at Mr. Movie’s Film Blog.

Social Media: @MrMoviesFilmBlog – Instagram

Tom Parry

A journalist based in Sale, Victoria, Tom’s name can often be seen attached to the latest film reviews in the Gippsland Times. He also contributes to Rating Frames and his personal blog, One Large Popcorn, Please! He has previously reviewed for SYN Media and The AU Review.

Find Tom’s work at Gippsland Times, Rating Frames, and One Large Popcorn, Please!

Social Media: @RatingFrames_AU – Twitter; PopcornTom – Letterboxd

Dan Cachia

Dan is an AFCA accredited writer who has spent the better part of five years studying film and television, receiving a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, majoring in film and video, at the end of 2007. Dan currently works in education but is still interested in all facets of the movie business. Oh, he also likes cats.

Find Dan’s work at Mr. Movie’s Film Blog.

Social Media: @MrMoviesFilmBlog – Instagram

Seth Lukas Hynes

Seth Lukas Hynes is a writer, editor and film critic from the Yarra Valley. He runs a weekly film review column for the Star Mail newspaper group, has written newsletters and brochures for the Yarra Ranges Film Society, and has self-published several books of short fiction and essays.

Find Seth’s work at The Star Mail newspaper chain.

Social Media: @SethHynes – Twitter

Lindsay Wilkins

I’m Lindsay Wilkins.  I am the host of the weekly Podcast Schlock & Awe.  I love movies.  Talking about them as much as watching them,  Movies are awesome creations.

Find Lindsay’s work at Schlock & Awe

Social Media: @SchlockAndAwe1 – Twitter; @SchlockAndAwe1 – Instagram

Paul Turner

The host of The Reel Thing which started as a radio show in 2010 and became a TV show in 2014 airing on C31 in Melbourne and Brisbane, C44 in Adelaide.

Find Paul’s work at The Reel Thing

Social Media: @the_reel_thing – Twitter; @thereelthing – Instagram

Sean Coates

Sean is a Melbourne-based film reviewer. From a young age, he’s had an obsession with cinema, much to the chagrin of his family who were annoyed by his habit to watch every single bonus feature of any DVD they ever rented from Video Ezy. He has a Bachelors in Screen Production from Swinburne University, is a contributing writer for Novastream Network and MovieBabble and is the creator/host of Another Bloody Movie Podcast.

Find Sean’s work at MovieBabble, Novastream Network, and Another Bloody Movie Podcast

Social Media: @SeanHub_ – Twitter; SeanCoates – Letterboxd

Blake Curtis

Find Blake’s work at Reel Good

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Kahn Duncan Mallett

I am a very passionate Melbourne based film lover who always views film as a tool for both entertainment but also feeling. I can usually be found hiding in row K of IMAX. Has never grown up since the release of Shrek 2 (2004).

Read Kahn’s work at Filmink and The Curb

Derek Armstrong

Derek has been a working film critic in America and Australia for 25 years, writing initially for Rhode Island’s East Bay Newspapers and then for All Movie Guide for 11 years. Since 2014 he has been editor and chief critic for ReelGood.

Read Derek’s work at ReelGood

Stephen A Russell

Stephen A Russell is a Scottish import to Melbourne and a freelance arts journalist who writes extensively about film.

Read Stephen’s work at, Screenhub, Metro Magazine, Saturday Paper, ABC Arts, SBS Movies, Time Out, The Big Issue, Joy FM, Radio National, The Age

Social Media: @SARussellwords – Twitter

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Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Alexandra is a film critic, editor and consultant who has written five books on cult, horror, and exploitation film including Rap-Revenge Films: A Critical Study, Found Footage Horror Films: Fear and the Appearance of Reality and books on Suspiria, Ms. 45 and The Hitcher.

In 2019 she is releasing two new books, 1000 Women in Horror from Bear Manor Media, and Eyes Without Faces: marks and Horror Cinema from the University of Wales Press. She has recently co-edited books on Elaine May, the collaborative film work of Helene Cattet and Bruno Forzani, and the catalogue for ACMI’s Wonderland exhibition. In 2018 she presided over the horror jury at Fantastic Fest in Texas, the biggest genre film festival in North America. 

Read Alexandra’s work at, Senses of Cinema, Flicks, Endcrawl, Vulture, and New York Magazine. Alexandra is also a regular contributor of commentaries and liner notes to home entertainment releases from international companies including Arrow Video and Eureka, amongst others.

Social Media: @suspirialex

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Bede Jermyn

Bede is a writer, critic & podcast co-host for The Super Network ( and the host of his solo podcast Bede Vs. The Living Dead. A major film lover since was young, he has wrote many reviews, articles and recorded audio/video reviews over the years. He loves all aspects of cinema from big budget blockbusters, arthouse indie fare, exploitation/genre films and everything else in between.  

Find Bede’s work on The Super Network

Social Media: @BedeJemryn – Twitter; The Super Network – Facebook

Kevin Hawkins

Kevin Hawkins is a Melbourne-based writer and former editor of Farrago. He writes film reviews for Film Blerg and has a secret stash of VHS cassettes beneath his desk.

Read Kevin’s work at Film Blerg

Carolyn Leslie

Find Carolyn’s work at Metro Magazine. Carolyn is also an Atom Awards Judge.

Peter Malone

Peter Malone has been reviewing films continuously since 1968. Former Director of the Australian Catholic Film Office and head worldwide of OCIC (International Catholic Organisation for Cinema), 1998-2001, then of SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication), 2001-2005. Has authored many books on film.

Read Peter’s work at Australian Catholics and on his personal website which contains reviews and discussions since 1969.

David Heslin

David Heslin is the editor of Metro, and previously served as an editor of Senses of Cinema. He has written on film for both publications as well as the Melbourne International Film Festival website and the 2018 ACMI / Thames & Hudson book Wonderland.

Find David’s work at Metro Magazine

Social Media: @Furbicide – Twitter

Debb Verhoeven

Deb Verhoeven is Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and Cultural Informatics at the University of Alberta. Prior to this position she was Associate Dean of Engagement at UTS. An agitator, commentator and critic, Deb is a longstanding advocate and leader in academic-screen industry engagement. She is Director of the Kinomatics Project (, an interdisciplinary study that collects, explores, analyses and represents data about global film industries. She served as inaugural Deputy Chair of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia (2008-2011) and as CEO of the Australian Film Institute (2000-2002).

Peter Walkden

Film Reviewer from Queensland, Australia & proud owner of Walkden Entertainment. Peter also also enjoy collecting everything relating to 4K, Blu-ray, DVD & Steelbooks. Spoiler Free Podcasts are Available on eight different platforms, including Google, Apple & Spotify.

Find Peter’s work on

Social Media: @Walkdenent – Twitter; @Walkdenentertainment – Instagram; Linktree; Walkden Entertainment – Facebook

Grant Shade

Grant has been watching and talking about films for way too long. He has a review site and podcast called Film Shapes, and sometimes writes for FilmInk.

Find Grant’s work at Film Shapes

Social Media: Film Shapes – Facebook; Film Shapes – Instagram; @filmshapes – Twitter

Thomas Caldwell

Thomas Caldwell is a writer, broadcaster, film critic, public speaker and film programmer based in Melbourne, Australia. He can be heard reviewing films on Afternoons with Jacinta Parsons once a fortnight on ABC Radio Melbourne.

Find Thomas’ work on Afternoons on ABC Radio Melbourne and Cinema Autopsy

Kyle McGrath

Kyle is a life-long movie fan and a reviewer of film, theater and video games for the last several years. His writings can be found on Subculture Entertainment and Lilithia Reviews.

He can also be heard on The Popcorn Conspiracy Podcast where he reviews the latest release movies with his co-host David Griffiths.

Find Kyle’s work on Subculture Entertainment, Heavy Mag, and The Popcorn Conspiracy Podcast

Jacqui Hammerton

Find Jacqui’s work on J-Air First On Film & Entertainment and 3WBC

Jonathan Spiroff

Jonathan Spiroff is the Founding Editor-in-chief of The Mono Report, a movie news and review outlet dedicated to bringing honest insight into movies.

Jonathan can also be found discussing movies on 6PR 882’s The Catch Up on weekends.

Find Jonathan’s work on The Mono Report

Social Media: @TheMonoReport – Instagram; The Mono Report – Facebook

Glenn Dunks

Glenn Dunks is a film and television critic from Melbourne, Australia. Across 15 years, his work has appeared across radio, print and podcasts, and he has won two Australian Film Critics Association Awards. As well as covering Australian, LGBTIQ and non-fiction film and TV for ScreenHub, Flicks Australia, The Big Issue, SBS, SameSame and Metro, he is the chief documentary reviewer for The Film Experience. He is a member of the prestigious FIPESCI organisation and has sat on juries at the San Francisco, Stockholm and Leipzig film festivals. In addition to his work as a critic, Glenn has worked across marketing for internationally-renowned events including the Asia Pacific Screen Awards and in 2017 he authored Cannes Film Festival: 70 Years for Wilkinson Publishing.

Find Glenn’s work at Metro Magazine, Paradise Magazine, ScreenHub, Flicks,

Social Media: @GlennDunks – Twitter; GlennDunks – Letterboxd

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Madeleine Swain

Find Madeleine’s work on Golden Days Radio 95.7FM

Peter Krausz

Peter is a film critic, film journalist, film festival consultant and Q & A host. He is a member of FIPRESCI, having served on 3 International juries, and is the former Chair of AFCA. He hosts two two-hour weekly radio film shows, on WYN FM, 88.9 and AppleFM, 98.5 He is also a film judge for a number of organizations/events. He is also a member of the Australian Cinema Pioneers, and is on the committee of the Melbourne Friends of the National Film and Sound Archive.

Find Peter’s work on Movie Metropolis (YouTube), Movie Metropolis: WYN FM, 88.9, J-Air Jewish Internet Radio

Social Media: MovieMetropolis – Facebook

Anne Rutherford

Anne Rutherford is a freelance writer and film critic and an Adjunct Associate Professor in Cinema Studies at Western Sydney University. She is the author of What Makes a Film Tick (Peter Lang, 2011). Her film and art criticism has been published widely in academic books and journals and in magazines, including The Monthly, Australian Book Review (Arts), The Conversation, Metro Magazine, Senses of Cinema, Independent Film and Video Monthly, Art India, Real Time, Eyeline and numerous other contexts, including in catalogues for Sydney Biennale and Cannes Film Festival.

Find Anne’s work on the Australian Book Review, The Monthly, Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism, and Western Sydney

Nadine Whitney

Nadine Whitney holds qualifications in cinema, cultural theory, education and design. She likes cats and is the co-chair of AFCA.

Find Nadine’s work on The Curb, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, In Their Own League

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John Roebuck

John is the founder and former Editor-In-Chief of and the founder of the Melbourne-based film festival, The ReelGood Film Festival.

Find John’s work at

Social Media: @ReelGoodAu – Twitter

Alex First

Find Alex’s work at 3AW, J-AIR 88FM (First on Film & Entertainment), 3WBC,,,, The Melbourne Jewish Report, The Sydney Jewish Report, Movies First podcast

Kevin Bechaz

Spoiler-free reviews of a very random assortment of both modern and classic film titles released either theatrically or via DVD, Blu-ray and Digital.
Physical media releases from Australian and overseas labels are covered in-depth with a detailed summary of picture and sound quality in addition to bonus material, including cover art/design and packaging.

Find Kevin’s work at Cinematic Randomness

Social Media: @Cinematic_Rand – Twitter; Cinematic_Randomness – Instagram

Arnel Duracak

“Arnie” (as he is known to his friends) is a co-founder and editor of Rating Frames. He is a former RMIT Communications student who majored in Media studies, and also completed his Honours in Communications.

He has also written for FilmInk, writes for SYN Media, and RMIT Catalyst (where he was a Film/Music + Culture Editor). He has also interned for AACTA in their Awards Department

Find Arnel’s work at SYN Media and RatingFrames

Social Media: @synmedia – Twitter

Sig Anderson

Sig cam to Australia from the United States and had many years experience as a high school music and media studies teacher. Sig is in his 29th continuous year of producing and presenting ‘Sig’s Flicks’ on 88.6 Plenty Valley FM in Melbourne’s north east.

Harris Dang

Rotten Tomatoes-approved Film Critic who arrives for the love of genre and stays for the pull of human drama.

Find Harris’ work at The AU Review, Impulse Gamer, In Their Own League

Social Media: @FilmMomatic – Twitter

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Alexei Toliopoulos

Find Alexei’s work at his Linktree account

Andrew F Peirce

Andrew is a Perth based writer and critic who has a keen interest in Australian cinema. Andrew is the owner, editor, and writer at The Curb.

Find Andrew’s work at The Curb

Social Media: The Curb – Facebook

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