The Bikeriders (2023)


After a chance encounter, headstrong Kathy is drawn to Benny, member of Midwestern motorcycle club the Vandals. As the club transforms into a dangerous underworld of violence, Benny must choose between Kathy and his loyalty to the club.

Find the links for reviews, interviews, and more for The Bikeriders submitted by AFCA members here:

Andy Hazel – The Saturday Paper – Interview: Actor Austin Butler on masculinity and making movies

  • Excerpt: A profile on actor Austin Butler about his life, work and role in the Jeff Nichols’ film The Bikeriders.

Alaisdair Leith – Novastream – Review: A nostalgic slow ride through motorcycle culture worth taking

  • Excerpt: The slow moving tale of how the biker gang was formed and follows its evolution through the years is a fascinating story that is accompanied by some spectacular cinematography from writer/director Jeff Nichols based on a photography book of the same name by photographer and fellow filmmaker Danny Lyon.
  • Rating: 4

Jonathan Spiroff – The Mono Report – Review: The Bikeriders Review – Born to Be Wild

  • Excerpt: THE BIKERIDERS is an outstanding examination of ’60s counterculture crafted through an honesty and sincerity for a bygone era.
  • Rating: 9/10

Nadine Whitney – The Curb – Review: The Bikeriders: Jeff Nichols’ Portrait of a Counterculture to Counterculture in the American Midwest On and Off the Road.

  • Excerpt: Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders is an understated masterpiece of lost Americana