New Member Application

Under FIPRESCI criteria, membership is available to film critics or journalists contributing on a regular basis to media (print, radio, television, or online). FIPRESCI rules state that film publicists and PR organizations are not eligible for membership.

All members of AFCA receive an annual membership card that allows them the opportunity to see films at participating cinemas that they are otherwise unable to see at media previews.

We hold several member meetings, publish a newsletter, provide links to your web site from our members page and provide an opportunity to apply to be on a FIPRESCI jury at international film festivals.

Membership is subject to majority approval by the Committee and will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Members add to and enriches the culture of film criticism in Australia.
  • Must write (or broadcast) for a reputable outlet(s) that reflects AFCA’s high standards and organisational integrity.
  • Writing and/or multimedia content must be to a professional standard, and of a standard which demonstrates sophisticated understanding of film and film analysis.
  • Has critiqued feature films on a regular basis over a demonstrable period of time, with a suggested minimum of six months.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to participate in various forms of film culture and discourse in Australia.

Fees | FULL $85 | ASSOCIATE $45 (student/academic without media outlet)


For general membership enquiries please contact Greg King, AFCA secretary with your details