27/06 – Latest AFCA Submissions: Challengers, He Ain’t Heavy, Inside Out 2 & Sydney Film Festival

Welcome to the latest reviews, interviews, and articles submitted by AFCA members for the week ending 27 June 2024.

Challengers (2024)

Christopher Spencer – Novastream – Review: Challengers Review

  • Excerpt: This is non-stop delicious and tantalizing drama, pulsating and sweating profusely, building and building until you can’t take anymore, all the while Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ electronic score gets the blood pumping all the way through, keeping everyone in the mood for a damn good time at the movies.

He Ain’t Heavy (2024)

Andrew F Peirce – The Curb – Review: He Ain’t Heavy is the Must See Australian Film of the Year

  • Excerpt: This phenomenal filmmaking and is one of the great debuts in recent Australian film history.

Nadine Whitney – The Curb – Interview: The Weight of Love: David Vincent Smith on He Ain’t Heavy

  • Excerpt: I genuinely don’t like to call “Australian shot feature film of the year” in June – but after seeing David Vincent Smith’s blazing debut feature, He Ain’t Heavy I am not sure I can imagine something that will stay with me more.

Inside Out 2 (2024)

Alasdair Leith – Novastream – Review: Inside Out 2 delivers Pixar’s best sequel to date

  • Excerpt: Inside Out 2 sticks to a formula that works, all while doing its best to explore the next phase of Riley’s journey into adulthood. 

Nadine Whitney – The Curb – Review: Is Inside Out 2 Pixar’s Anxiety Meltdown?

  • Excerpt: Inside Out 2 has no space to be what it is – an acceptable Pixar film which expends most of its charm and energy in the first third of the film and then dips drastically before rallying again. It’s not awful at all – it’s fine, but it isn’t just a sequel it’s a bellwether.

Sydney Film Festival

Michael Walsh – Third Space – Coverage: Sydney Film Festival 2024 – Reel Dialogue Collection

  • Excerpt: Film is a medium that allows voices from all walks of life to be heard. And the Sydney Film Festival remains dedicated to showcasing the most ambitious, cutting edge and courageous films from around the globe. Films covered at the festival include: The Bikeriders, The Convert, Rumours, The Substance, and more.